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Registered Employee   Benefits Consultant

Chartered Financial Consultant

Registered Health Underwriter

Certified Life Underwriter

Master of Business Administration

Former Board Member of Pinellas Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors

Former Chair, Governmental Affairs Committee, Clearwater (Florida) Regional Chamber of Commerce

Subscriber to the Ethics Agreements of The American College & NAIFA



Employee Benefits

BBCG, Inc. has been providing brokerage and consulting services to Florida employers since its formation in 1996.  Its principal consultant, Robert W. Murphy, has 31 years of insurance carrier and consulting experience. In additional to an undergraduate degree in banking & finance, he holds an advanced financial degree (i.e., MBA) and four of the most prestigious financial services designations in the industry (i.e., American College conferred REBC, ChFC, CLU, and RHU). He has been a panelist/speaker at a national conference on the future of healthcare and was a participant at a Harvard University executive program entitled Skills for the New World of Health Care.

BBCG, Inc. was formed to take advantage of an eclectic mix of strategic relationships where the best mix of benefits professionals are always brought to bear on behalf of a client.  We have chosen to form horizontal, as opposed to vertical,  relationships to avail our clients of the most optimum resources. We deliberately avoid any parochial relationship which would cause our  recommendations to be biased. However, as a service to our clients, we will at times provide a recommendation of a preferred carrier which we feel has exceptional expertise in a certain area.

BBCG, Inc. is also positioned to best serve clients in the complex times of healthcare reform under PPACA. New concepts such as "defined contribution healthplans" are rapidly emerging as the underwriting rules change. Many think that small businesses will gravitate to this concept and then wholly embrace it when all individual health policy medical underwriting is prohibited in 2014. Even major employers have adopted the concept for things such as a means of providing future retiree health benefits. As this trend continues, it is likely that the terms "benefits professional" and "group insurance professional" will no longer be synonymous. Employers will continue to provide financial support to employees for healthcare purchases and receive comparable tax treatment to that now received. However, the underlying mechanisms will be much different and they will have a new emphasis on individuals purchasing their own individual policies. In recognition of this sea change in the method of providing benefits, BBCG, Inc. has put renewed emphasis on individual healthcare insurance carriers and administrators with exceptional knowledge of "health reimbursement arrangements" (i.e., "HRA's").

Strategic, Operational, Financial, Investment, and Insurance Consulting

Following on the same horizontal benefits strategy above, in 2007 BBCG, Inc. formed two new key strategic relationships for the delivery of a full array of financial planning solutions for senior decision makers. BBCG, Inc. remains the primary insurance resource but can now couple those services with strategic planning, corporate governance review, estate planning services, investment consulting, money management and general management consulting.  It is important to note that BBCG, Inc. provides directly only those services for which its consultants are properly licensed.  All other services are via strategic relationships with other high caliber professionals. Please contact us via one of the methods shown below to discuss these resources in more depth. You may click here to email us or click on our Contact Information tab at left for additional contact methods.

Former Pinellas County Florida Board Member


Our Strategic  Goals

BBCG's brokerage and consulting  work provide immediate  solutions for clients over the short-term. However, our more global strategy  is to build client-vendor relationships that are valuable for both parties over a significant period of time. The value of those long-term working relationships when key negotiations are underway cannot be overstated. For our smaller clients where annual negotiations are less a factor, we strive to minimize the need for frequent carrier moves by maximizing service satisfaction and pricing.

With those broad goals as context, our number one objective remains satisfying the needs of each client as they themselves perceive them.


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